10K Infinte Hug Ring

10K Infinte Hug Ring

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Solid gold ring, meticulously crafted by Arzens' gold specialists. A unique design that carries a significant message. This ring is perfect for your loved ones. No matter the distance or time they'll always be in the comfort of your hug. 
We wanted to create a 10K collection that consists of high-quality pieces that can be exposed to daily wear & tear while having a unique and meaningful design which would be the perfect gift for a significant other.


All our pieces are meticulously crafted with the best stones and gold to ensure you get the best quality jewellery that you can wear forever.

Shipping & Returns

Our 14-day return policy allows you plenty of time to consider your purchase. With such a time frame in place, you can rest assured knowing you have made the right choice. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, within 14 days of receiving your item, you may return your item.

Care Instructions

All our products are either 10KT, 14KT or 18KT, and consist of high quality diamonds. They are perfect for daily wear, however we do not recommend wearing them when doing extreme activites and to keep an everlasting shine avoid wearing in the shower.

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